Chris Sepulvado Case


Chris SepulvadoChristopher Sepulvado of Desoto Parish was scheduled to die by lethal injection on February 5, 2014 until a 90 day stay was imposed by federal district court judge James Brady on February 3, 2014.

The LA Department of Corrections continues to withhold information about the drugs and method it intends to use to kill Mr. Sepulvado, shrouding the execution procedure in secrecy. On January 27, 2014, just 9 days before the scheduled execution, the Louisiana DOC changed its execution protocol to allow for the use of an experimental drug combination, the sedative midazolam and the painkiller hydromorphone used in a recently botched Ohio execution, in Louisiana executions if pentobarbital is not available. Read more in the news section of our website here.

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In an unprecedented move, the Louisiana Board of Pardons denied Mr. Sepulvado clemency without a hearing. He is the first capital defendant to ever face execution in Louisiana without having had his petition for clemency considered at a formal hearing. 

Click here to read a statement from the Louisiana Conference of Catholic Bishops from 2013 who ask for a reprieve for Mr. Sepulvado.

Click here to read a statement by over 50 Catholic theologians and scholars from 2013 from around the country who call on the State of Louisiana to halt Mr. Sepulvado’s execution.


Our partners in the effort to prevent Mr. Sepulvado's execution include:

The Louisiana Conference of Catholic Bishops

Catholics Committed to Repeal

The Catholic Mobilizing Network

The Congregation of St. Joseph

The ACLU of Louisiana

NAACP Shreveport

Amnesty International

The Promise of Justice Initiative

Over four dozen Roman Catholic theologians, scholars and activists from around the country.