I Want to Serve


Launched as National Project

LCADP began the I Want to Serve campaign in conjunction with the Louisiana Interchurch Conference in 2012 to lift up the voices of people who are not allowed to sit on capital juries because of their beliefs about the death penalty. IWTS has recently launched as a national joint project of the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race & Justice and the Catholic Mobilizing Network to raise up voices across the country.

Visit the I Want to Serve website and Facebook page for more information and to add your own testimony.


IWTS Screenshot

From the IWTS website:

Around the country, people who will not impose the death penalty for moral or religious reasons, or because they are concerned about flaws in the death penalty system, are not allowed to sit on capital juries.

In the single instance where our government calls on us to make a moral determination on behalf of our community, the voices of American citizens are being excluded and silenced. Here, we speak out and say “We want to serve!”