JSRI Study on LA Death Penalty

Dimishing All of Us - Full textDiminishing All of Us: The Death Penalty in Louisiana

By Dr. Alex Mikulich and Sophie Cull, JSRI, 2012

This study was commissioned by the Louisiana Catholics Committed to the Repeal of the Death Penalty (Repeal). It draws on comprehensive social, scientific and historical analyses to detail the deep flaws in Louisiana’s death penalty system, and how the system absorbs much needed resources that would be far more effective preventing crime and increasing public safety.

Though this study addresses the death penalty from a Roman Catholic perspective, its authors have aimed to demonstrate the ineffectiveness and arbitrariness of our death penalty system as a public policy, including the ways it is unfairly administered across racial, social and economic lines. They have gathered the results of all qualitative and quantitative Louisiana-focused studies related to the administration of the death penalty and document them here in a single collection.

Both a summary and the full study are available for download.