Find out about the death penalty in Louisiana:


Diminishing All of Us: The Death Penalty in Louisiana

By Dr. Alex Mikulich & Sophie Cull, Jesuit Social Research Institute, 2012

This study draws on comprehensive social, scientific and historical analyses to detail the deep flaws in Louisiana’s death penalty system. It analyzes how the death penalty system absorbs much needed resources that would be far more effective preventing crime and increasing public safety.

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Crime Victims Guidebook: For Those Who Have Lost Their Loved Ones to Violence

By Rose Preston

In 2003, Rose Preston's husband and mother-in-law were tragically murdered in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Crime Victims Guidebook is a product of her experience, a resource for victims' families as well as victims of crime. Rose has kindly made this book available for download in PDF format.

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Blackstrikes: A Study of the Racially Disparate Use of Peremptory Challenges by the Jefferson Parish District Attorney's Office

In recent years, two Jefferson Parish capital convictions were overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court and the Louisiana Supreme Court because prosecutors had used race-based reasons to exclude black jurors during jury selection. A study by Joel Devine of Tulane University and the Louisiana Capital Assistance Center revealed that these cases were symptomatic of the larger problem of race-based exclusion.

A sample of 390 felony trials prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Office in Jefferson Parish between 1994 and 2002 showed that prosecutors use their peremptory strikes to remove African-Americans from juries three times more often than they removed whites.

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