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Proton pump inhibitor (PPI) medications help to control stomach acid, but recent studies identified them as an essential cause of kidney disease. Therefore, many people who took or might be taking these drugs have a legal right to compensation. This means that they can take the respective companies behind these drugs to court. Some lawsuits are already in progress by individuals and groups represented by various lawyers in many courts around the country. The suffered kidney failure leads to the significant risk of death and additional expenditures in medication and surgery. Here are the steps you need to take when you are considering suing for kidney damages arising from PPI medication.


Seek Attorney Advice About the Settlement

If your case is specific to the manufacturers of Nexium and Prilosec, the two drugs adversely mentioned in the kidney damage research, then you are in luck. There are already thousands of lawsuits combined and presented before a federal judge awaiting settlement. The need to combine them arose because they had similar conditions and they all concerned the same companies. Being part of the case is easy as all you have to prove is the continued use of the drugs for a lengthy period of probably at least a month.

Find a Firm Already Suing

The fastest way out of the problem would be to find a firm that is already having the matter in court and then seeks to be part of the people asking the court’s direction. Law firms that are seeking compensation for victims of the drugs responsible for the kidney damage have the experience of doing so, but it does not hurt to confirm their history. You also want to consider cases that are going to end soon so that you have a good chance of moving on with your life.

The Pending Case Details

Having a little background about the pending case details might ease matters for you as you seek to position yourself mentally as you wait for the verdict. The lawyers are representing clients who are accusing manufacturers of the drugs for creating defective and unreasonably dangerous drugs. These drugs need to pass through testing to ensure they do not cause problems. Manufacturers can be guilty of falsifying information to show that drugs are safe. Another reason for the suit is that the manufacturers were negligent in the production of the drug and that they failed to warn doctors and clients properly of the risks ingrained in the drug usage.

Your Next Move

law You need to consult your attorney for analysis of when proton pump inhibitor lawsuits settle. The information will be critical for your planned moves during and after the trial. You may need to change your lifestyle and avoid similar drugs. You also need advice from lawyers on the best way to conduct yourself in the period to ensure that you remain as a valid recipient of the settlement when the court awards any monetary compensation to the victims. You might also need to find out whether you are also vulnerable because of other drug-related injuries to your body and whether there is still room for pressing a lawsuit against the responsible drug manufacturers.